The Thirsty Thirty : Day Two – Two Brothers Dog Days

“Brewed in the style of Dortmund, Germany, this golden lager has a delicate carmel malt character balanced by a light body and mild German noble hops, creating a spicy, crisp, and refreshing beer that makes you want the dog days of summer to last forever.” – Two Brothers Brewing

All in all Mehh. I think my facial expression says pretty much that. Marie was a lot happier about the Oberon I brought from yesterday. (see below) Seeing as Muncie is getting the dog days of summer early (supposed to hit 99 tomorrow), I thought this would be a nice refresher today, but I was a little disappointed. I’d agree that it has the light golden body and mild German noble hops, but spicy? Crisp? Mmm not so much.

Recommend to a friend? Not really. I’d always try any beer once, but your money would be better spent elsewhere for now.

Safe for lightweights? At 5.1% we’re good to go.

One gold star.

LabelingWell I just realized my hand completely covers the label in the picture, and unfortunately the pool staff had us throw away the glass bottles. (I would not recommend having to drink it from a plastic cup…yuck.) Anyways, labeling was pretty average though the yellow tone that Two Brothers uses makes me feel all nice and cheery inside.



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