Baking with beer: Day Five – Rogue Mocha Porter Cupcakes

“Ruddy brown in color, a bittersweet balance of malt and hops with a light cream finish.” from Rogue Ales

All in all Well I’m not familiar or “well-versed” in Porters so I can’t really compare it to others with any real authority, but I thoroughly enjoyed this Rogue. As I said before Porters aren’t always my first choice, but the “mocha” flavor and smokiness really balances out the  bitterness. Plus, it has a lot of great flavor that gives you the strong urge to make the same solidarity fist appearing on all Rogue’s bottles. I enjoyed even more how amazing this porter was in the cupcakes I made this afternoon…I mean, oh. my. heavens.

Recommend to a friend? I would say if you like coffee, but aren’t really sure about Porters yet, this could be a great place to start. If you aren’t a fan right away, just give it a few minutes. If you still aren’t impressed, I’ll work on finding another one to recommend.

Safe for lightweights? 5.3%…we’re still good. I seem to be running into a pattern here. Let’s see if I can find something with a little more kick next time.

Solidarity fist pump.

LabelingRogue has great labeling for their ales. Simplistic, consistent, and effective. Most of the ales have the same labeling (basic “ROGUE” at the top, awesome dude or gal with fist pump below), but even the ones with a different twist still maintain consistency that helps you identify them immediately as a Rogue.

Well these Rogue Mocha Porter cupcakes with salted carmel cream cheese frosting (longest cupcake name ever) came out phenomenally. Seriously, I really wish I could give one to you right now. I spent the afternoon delivering some to friends and still have about eight left that I’m going to have a hard time resisting.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s special on the last day of Le Tour de France.


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