The Thirsty Thirty : Day Ten – Stone Ruination IPA

“We make angry beer, and angry beer is a great thing. Angry beer makes for happy people….I’m actually angry about beer, a lot, ‘cause I see a beer or I taste a beer…they expect me to accept this?” Greg Koch – Founder, Stone Brewing Co in “Beer Wars”

All in all YES. Yes yes yes. Now THAT is a beer that can hold it’s own. I will be angry if you don’t try this soon. This one just raised the bar. Don’t worry about the flavors in it, don’t worry if it’s crisp or clean, just go have one.

Recommend to a friend? Yes yes please (if you like IPAs). You should go have one right now. And then call me so I can come have another one sometime. One of my friends always seems to buy a big boy of Ruination for other people when he is out having a good time – and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I want to hug you now my friend.

Safe for lightweights? 7.7% It’s getting up there. I’d worry about the taste knocking you sideways more than the alcohol percentage.

Can you see me smiling all the way over there?

LabelingCan’t you see that fabulous gold? Doesn’t that gargoyle just give you the good chills? Rawr.

Plus one? I’d love to have another one, but it has a rather potent flavor (in a good way) and for some reason IPA’s seem to hit me a little bit harder than others.


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