The Thirsty Thirty : Day Fourteen – Big Buck ESB

All in all This is one that actually got better as I got further into it. I wasn’t WOWed at first, but I think this a very decent ale (brown ale maybe?). It tastes a little darker than a brown, with a little more of a smokey flavor. Honestly, I am not sure what “English Bitters” are classified as, but whatever it is, it’s pretty decent.

Recommend to a friend? Sure, this is a decent ale without any special flavors or funny business. Most of the time I’d prefer to have more flavor in there, but it’s essential to have a simple beer to fall back on if need be. However, the moral of the story…if I was out with a friend and they asked me to pick a brown/dark/wheteveryouwantocallit out for them, I would go with something a little more impressive.

Safe for lightweights? Alcohol by volume is completely unknown. Have fun!


Labeling!!! Who thinks to put an eye exam on your beer label? Whoever did this, can we be friends?

Plus one? Yes please!


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