The Thirsty Thirty : Day Fifteen – Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

“Gonzo is big, bold, and beautiful like the man it was brewed in honor of – Hunter S. Thompson.” from Flying Dog Brewery

All in all Yeyeahhh. Big bold and beautiful is right. Who needs dessert when you have a Gonzo Imperial Porter?

Recommend to a friend? Do you like porters? Then you just must try this darling. Even Sukie (above) couldn’t resist taking a swig! (Okay not really)

Safe for lightweights? 9.2% and makes you a little confident. I’ll just say I thought I had the Law & Order episode I was watching aaaall figured out.

In the words of the character on the front of this bottle… “Ok let’s party!”

LabelingI’m a fan of Flying Dog’s rugged, scratchy (scratchy? is that a word?) look. It’s hard not to feel like you a cool beer in front of you with a Flying Dog in hand.

Plus one? No thank you. (1) At 9.2% this is all I’m having for the night (2) I’d go with something less flavorful for my 2nd..maybe something like last night’s ESB.

So what’s an “Imperial” Porter? My totally amateur understanding of the Imperial Porter is that it falls under “Baltic” Porters, which are porters developed around the 1700s with the ability to withstand travel across the North Sea (ergo, the “Baltic” Porter). Meaning they were a bit more solid, higher in alcohol content, darker, smokier, etc. I wonder how much extra beer was packed on ships for the crew on those long arduous trips across the cold, bitter North Sea?


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