The Thirsty Thirty : Day Nineteen – Big Buck Red Bird Ale

Thought I’d try one of the other Big Buck beers from Michigan tonight for a relaxing beer, and I didn’t plan on writing anything about this until I tasted it…

All in all No no no no no no no. Stay away. Stay far away. It tastes like horrible carbonated cherry cough syrup. Blegh.

There have only been two beers that I have taken one or two (just to make sure) sips of and then have immediately put down and shoved away.

1. Bell’s Batch 9000 (not the 10,000 – the 10,000 is lovely) : Sorry fellas, but licorice, molasses, raisins, and plums? I love almost everything you do, but that just made me sad.

2. Some horrific dark cherry syrup beer that a dude bought for my friends and me at the Heorot one night. That is not going to impress us sir. I still shudder thinking about that.

Recommend to a friend? Are you listening to me? No!

Safe for lightweights? Sure it’s safe because you’ll only be taking one sip of that stuff.


LabelingI don’t even want to look at this beer anymore.

Plus one? Are you kidding? I actually sought out a Coors Light in our fridge after this.


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