The Thirsty Thirty : Day Twenty-One – Brouwerij Van Hoegaarden

All in all I’m biased. Hoegaarden was my first beer love…the first beer I had when the light above my head went “ping!” and the rest was history. Before that the only beers I had tried were Corona (bleghhh) and Dogfish Head 90 minute (a bit much for an introductory ale). This is light, cool, soft, dependable, and vaguely reminds me a cream ale actually? We’ve had our rough patches, times when I’d go for an Upland Wheat instead, but I always seem to keep coming back around.

Recommend to a friend? Oui, it’s my favorite Belgian White so far. I’m not going to promise it will dazzle you or knock you on your feet, but if you’re looking for a reliable light beer look no further.

Safe for lightweights? 4.9% Great to have if you’ve had too little to eat for dinner, went on a run anyways, still want a beer, but don’t want to feel dizzy afterwards (party of one). The reason I really appreciate having low alcohol percentage beers is that most of the time, I truly just want to try out & enjoy great beers. Since I seem to be “blessed” by the lowest tolerance ever, that means I can only enjoy a certain number per night/afternoon/whatever.

Plus one? Absolutely-this is an easy drinker and great for a relaxing after dinner/before bed beer.


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