The Thirsty Thirty : Day Twenty-Three – Three Floyd’s (again!) Gumballhead

Right, so I don’t have a picture of today’s beer as I enjoyed a Gumballhead at the Heorot which has just horrific lighting if you’re attempting to take any sort of picture. However, I’ve included a picture of tomorrow’s beer below…tada!

This one’s going to be simple

(1) Because Gumballhead…well I think that you either love it or you hate it. I happen to be on the I Love It side, but it’s not something that someone else can decide for you. You can’t say “If you like such and such, then you’ll like this…” You just need to try it for yourself and be your own judge.

(2) Because I got run over by a bike today and it’s just time for me to crash in my comfortable bed.

What’s that? You got run over by a bike?

Well it’s my own darn fault. See, I’m fairly uncoordinated anyways, but when I ride my bike all kinds of things tend to go wrong. Especially having clipless pedals…just disaster waiting to happen. Normally any decent rider will fall over once because they forgot to unclip…nope, this has happened three…count ‘em…three times. Today I was riding with super friend Marie on the Greenway, I went to put my water bottle back, and don’t ask me what in the world happened. But my bike slowed wayyy down, and I couldn’t unclip in time.


Down I go.

Marie can’t go anywhere else, and can’t avoid me.

Rebecca gets run over by a bike for the first time. Marie runs over someone for the first time.

Both bikes and both girls okay. Whew! But I’m going to have a nasty bruise here, a couple scrapes, though I really wish there had been one solid black tire mark on my jersey. Needless to say I needed a beer after that, but for now I’m putting my uncoordinated behind back in bed.



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