The Thirsty Thirty : Day Twenty-Seven – Big Buck Black River Stout

What a lazy wonderful Sunday.

Woke up at 11 am, what what?

The house smells like rain.

Netflix + Illustrator.

Band of Horses + Beer.


All in all…after the last Big Buck brew I wasn’t expecting much at all, but this was a really pleasant surprise. I’m actually impressed with it overall, and I thought it was solid beer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stout, a porter, black, whatnot, it’s just a good one to have on hand in the fridge. The river on the front + listening to Band of Horses…wanting to be on vacation back in North Carolina in the mountains. Oh hey nostalgia, nice to see you this Sunday.

Recommend to a friend? I have another here if you want to share.

Safe for lightweights? Not sure about this one, as I can’t find any ABV statistics, but so far so good.

Fist pumping.

Plus one? Maybe not on a Sunday afternoon, but I have another in the fridge that I’m saving for later.


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