Bell’s Octoberfest

“Bell’s Octoberfest Beer is a smooth, highly drinkable lager that opens the door to the coming autumn with a light, dry toasted malt note.” from Bell’s Brewery

Summer isn’t over nooooo! I’m not ready to let go, no no no. September is late summer. So what are all these Oktoberfests and Pumpkin Ales doing in the stores and at the bar? Tempting me. That’s what. I can’t face the fact that fall is coming, but I just can’t resist Oktoberfest and Pumpkins.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I haven’t been ready for fall since, well since I was a kid. (Okay so I’m still a kid in a lot of ways…cookies for breakfast? totally a kid) Anyways, I think it’s because I haven’t been in school in a while. When classes started back up again every year, we would be walking around in the sweltering August heat from class to class, growing frustrated with every moment at the weather. Arriving at class with crazy hair, wanting just to lay in front of an air conditioner with minimal clothes on, really doesn’t put you in the mood for learning. For over a year now I’ve had a 9-5 job with air conditioning, so…I don’t really have to deal with that. I get to reap the benefits of coming home at 5, and actually enjoying the heat afterwards during a sweaty bike ride, round of golf, or a run later during the warm twilight. I love fall, I really do, but that means months of cold cold weather is coming. Maybe these fall beers will help me be nostalgic for some fall goodness soon.

All in all…I haven’t had enough Oktoberfests to compare this to any others yet, but I’m very much enjoying this and it’s gorgeous copper color. I’m not jumping for joy, but this is going to become a fall staple this year.

Recommend to a friend? I’m looking forward to seeing if there is another Oktoberfest I’d prefer, so we’ll wait and see about this.

Safe for lightweights? 5.8% I had one of these, as well as that Southampton last night and was okay to drive home after an extra hour and several glasses of water.

When and where? An all occasion. Last night and today’s weather was H.O.T.T. but this was still refreshing and light. I cannot…cannot wait to have some fall beers at a park, and over a campfire. (Flashback to a four-pack of Punkin’ ale and camping last fall awmann good times)

Plus one? See above.


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