Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

Let me say, thank goodness for this ale. And new mountain bike & road shoes. I dealt with my fair share of crazy…cough cough…spirited customers today and although I got my frustrations out through a run, it really is relaxing to sit down in front of a good movie (Batman Begins was on tonight, huzzah!) and have a tasty beer.

All in all…Pumpkin spiced pie. Downright pumpkin all that is good and holy thick, rich pie. Delicious creamy pie, nutmeg, and heaps of cloves cloves so many cloves, and is it Thanksgiving yet? Call me crazy but the aftertaste reminds me of Poppa Skull. Maybe I’ve just been craving that too much lately. That is beside the point; this is top notch. With rumors of bottling problems at Buffalo Bill’s (please confirm this isn’t true) and Dogfish Punkin’ Ale a state away now (saaaddd so sad), this is going to move its way to the top of the list for Pumpkins.

Recommend to a friend? You bet good sir

Safe for lightweights? 8% I split mine with my brother (1) because I wanted him to have the change to have such a great pumpkin ale (2) because an 8% beer post-run isn’t always the best idea

When and where? Can we pretty-please go camping now? Though it may be better to have a lower percentage beer so we can enjoy more than a few around the fire.

Plus one? For the taste, yes. With that ABV, no.

Cheers my dear!


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