Broo Doo aka It’s time to go back to the Green River

I apologize for the picture quality. I left my phone in a friend’s apartment and can’t get it back until next week. Saaaad. You’ll have to be satisfied with iPhone photos until then.

Thoughts…Smells super sweet and like evergreens. Smooth from the tip of your tongue and has a little curl/kick at the end of the first couple sips. Mmm it smells like the mountains. It smells like western North Carolina. Now I want to be in the sun, on the river. With this in my hand at the end of the day. The Green River Narrows race is coming up again soon…how about we stock up on IPAs, go back to the Carolina’s, go do some cold weather camping, and spend the day watching this. Sounds like a plan to me. You driving?

Back to the brew…if I’m trying to compare this “wet hop” beer to a “normal” one, I don’t have nearly enough experience or knowledge yet to speak fluently on the subject. I would defer to more knowledgeable ladies and gents on the subject (please see Hoosier Beer Geek for a concise and informative review of the subject). However, all in all it isn’t as “biting,” and doesn’t make your teeth feel squeaky clean like some IPAs do. It has a really short aftertaste, but doesn’t leave you with a bad taste at all. It isn’t as badass as this race (most things can’t even compete with the Green), but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really is like a day on the river. Low profile. Floating along just as smooth and cool as could be. Orange and hazy. It’s this:

Well being a wet hop, it’s a little fun. Like this:

Plus one? At 1 pint, 6 oz, I’m splitting this with a friend. However, I will be going back to Friendly Package for another one soon.

Okay, I’m done writing. I’m going to just sit back, enjoy the rest of this one, and spend too much time watching more kayaking videos.




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