strawberry & brown sugar ricotta crepe with founder’s cerise

Crepes seem fancy pants, but they’re really just amazing street food at the core. Take a crepe, stuff it with nutella, or fruit, or ham & cheese, and it just works. There you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner (trust me, you can make a crepe for every meal). And all it takes are the above ingredients: butter, flour, eggs, sugar, salt, milk, and vanilla. Tada!

I originally set out to find a beer to pair with nutella crepes, but when I got to Friendly Package and remembered Founders Cerise, I got inspired…fast forward to Strawberry Crepes with Brown Sugar Ricotta. OM NOM NOM.

Cerise for the crepes: These strawberries are a little out of season, so they aren’t as tart as they could be, and so the Cerise helps bring out more freshness in them. (It would be even better if they were super fresh) Additionally, the brown sugar ricotta is super silky, and the Cerise does a great job of cleansing your mouth before the heavy and smooth ricotta. They’re just two amazing things to have at one meal…it kind of goes like this

Crepe: !

Cerise: !!

Crepe: Yay!

Cerise: HELL YES

Crepe for the Cerise: Just as the Cerise cleanses your palette (la dee da) for the crepe, this crepe is a great in-between taste for your sips of Cerise. It makes each sip delightfully carbonated & tart just like the first, especially if you let the Cerise fall over the tip of your tongue (then it sparkles like the New Belgium Kick). I would say that the crepe doesn’t enhance the Cerise by any means, but that this is still a good combination.

Basic Crepes

Makes 4 crepes.

1 C milk
1 C flour, sifted
1 T sugar
1/8 t salt
3 T unsalted butter (I used salted, so I used a little less salt)
1 t vanilla extract
2 eggs

1. Crack the eggs in a small bowl, and beat together with vanilla extract and milk.

2. In a mixing bowl, melt the butter in the microwave. If you don’t have a microwave-proof bowl, then melt a little more than 3 T in a separate bowl and pour into a mixing bowl.

3. Pour the egg/milk mixture into the mixing bowl and whisk together.

4. Sift the flour together with salt and sugar.

5. Turn the mixer on very low, and start mixing the egg mixture. Gradually add the flour mix until completely incorporated.

6. Let stand for 30 minutes-1 hour in the refrigerator (seal with saran wrap). After it has set, then mix again if you need to.

7. Heat a large skillet on medium, and melt enough butter in it to lightly coat the pan.

8. Pour the crepe mixture into a Pyrex measuring cup so you can easily pour the crepe mix into the pan.

9. When pan is heated, pour about 100 ml of mix onto pan, pick pan up and rotate it so that the mix spreads out onto the pan. If you are working with a small pan, then just use less mix, and you can have little mini crepes!

10. The top of the crepe will start to look matte in finish, and at this point, pick the pan up and shake occasionally. Once the whole crepe moves when you shake, it is ready to be turned over. Now this is the tricky part…

11. If you’re a magician you can try flipping it like a pancake. I can’t do this yet, so I have to take two spatulas from either side of the crepe and flip it over…I know, it’s so not pretty or graceful. But hey, I’m learning.

12. Just cook for about 30 seconds to one minute on the other side, and slide onto a piece of parchment paper. Put another piece of paper on top, so you’ll be ready for the next crepe!

Serve with ricotta & fruit, nutella, or butter & sugar (ahhhmazing). Cover with saran wrap to store.

Brown Sugar Ricotta

One tub of ricotta cheese
1/4 C brown sugar

1. Dump ricotta into a mixing bowl, and mix the brown sugar in until well incorporated.

2. Using a spatula, put the ricotta back into the tub!


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