Brewdog Hardcore IPA has moxy

From Brewdog…”There’s nothing more hardcore than bowling.” LAMBS!

All in all…I keep wanting to drink this out of the bottle and not pour it in a glass. Why is that? Do you ever just feel like having your beer from the bottle instead of a glass? Maybe I’m missing summer, and beers from a cooler in the backyard. Oh well, there she goes, into the glass. Okay that’s much better actually. So this pours a deep & warm golden color – it smells very sweet, almost like an herbal tea with honey. It tastes floral and spunky, but it doesn’t bare its teeth like Ruination IPA does. It’s time for an adventure. It has moxy & sass. Scheisse that’s great.

I love these labels, and the colors. And their videos…who can resist listening to a Scottish accent and watching dudes dress up in Penguin suits and lederhosen? I know I can’t. Back to the point…they’ve decided upon a staple label design, a few solid fonts, and they are sticking with it. As they should – it makes them stand out aesthetically, pique your interest, and leaves it all up to the beer. Now I still love a crazy or beautiful label design, don’t get me wrong. But this is to the point and gets the message across effectively. Really though, their color selection is excellent. You don’t see many navy blue beer labels out there-and this is a beautiful navy. That should tell you something – how often is navy beautiful?

Ah I miss 5 A.M. Saint…I think next trip to the liquor store I’m going to get another Hardcore, Punk, and 5 A.M. Saint and line them all up to try sucessfully. I’m going to need some help with that…as this one is 9.2% and I can barely handle all of that. (yup, I have no tolerance…balls)

Whew, that was an extremely long “all in all” wasn’t it?

Recommend to a friend? Hells to the yes. But I’m not sure it is readily accessible at the bars in town.

Safe for lightweights? 9.2% no it is not safe for lightweights such as myself

Plus one? Yes please! I wish my body was able to have a second one, but alas…

When and where? Whenever, wherever. Sorry about that…a friend said that the other day and I’ve had Shakira stuck in my head for about a week. Ugh.


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