Lindemans Faro

All in all…I’m a little disappointed. No, very disappointed. I was expecting a fresh & tart flavor from this one, but got dull, hesitant, and overripe dark cherry instead. No aftertaste, and what flavor is in the beer slips away more quickly than water out of your hands. I love extremely tart sours, and this one just had a higher sweet : sour ratio than I preferred…but even for a beer that is supposed to be sweet, I didn’t find any real complexity or depth in it. insert shrug here.

One of the most disappointing things is that shrug. That shrug or “meh” represents indifference and lack of inspiration. The most disappointing thing isn’t even having a beer so horrible you wouldn’t give it to someone who asks if you have Busch Light on draught. Usually when you have a beer that terrible, you have a strong reaction like “OH HELL NO” or “it tastes & smells like sweaty towels from the gym.” There is some type of reaction, passion, indignation at a beer that doesn’t even try to be better. The most challenging, and truly heartbreaking thing is when you have a beer in front of you that doesn’t make you feel anything. Success & spectacular failure generate strong reactions, but indifference…a solution to indifference is usually impossible to find.

Recommend to a friend? No ma’am

Safe for lightweights? Yup, especially if you don’t drink it

Plus one? No

When and where? I thought we established that we weren’t going to be drinking this again?


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