25 Beers of Christmas: Day Three – Brugge Černé pivo at Twenty Tap, Indianapolis

All in all…This was actually an impromptu “beer for the day,” and unfortunately I wasn’t completely happy with it. However, this could have been attributed to the fact that (1) I already had a Sun King Wee Mac followed by an Upland Dragonfly that afternoon and (2) immediately prior had a pulled pork slider & Greek style lamb slider.

[Sidenote: I was at the NUVO cyclocross race today with Sun King’s beer truck, and four other food trucks. That explains the Wee Mac, growler and different sliders.]

Anyways, there were quite a lot of beer and food flavors going on before having this, which really makes me want to try this beer again in a different situation. Our server didn’t know much about this other than it was a “dark beer,” and I couldn’t find a whole lot about this other than that it is a Belgian style dark beer Czech black lager (see below), and that it is about 5.0% ABV so my frame of reference was not spot on in any sense. Tonight I didn’t think a lot of it, the hops that were in it left it a little dry, and any bitter flavor felt a little burnt. It did, however, have a refreshing feel right upfront, but it simply left me wanting the Mad Anthony Pale Ale that my friend had ordered.

It is so true that food, previous beers, and even your environmental situation can affect how beer tastes and feels. There are some that may completely flop one evening, but the next time you have them you fall in love. A dark beer like this may be wonderful starting your night out, but probably isn’t the best after a tiring afternoon and following a Scottish Ale, IPA, BBQ, and Greek style food.

Recommend to a friend? I can’t give an informed answer for that right now. I’ll definitely update this though if I get to try it again.

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car for this? (2) Five minutes

Safe for lightweights? Absolutely, 5.0% ABV

Plus one? Not tonight. I’ll be really interested in trying this another time by itself, or maybe with some food that will bring out more of its good points.

update: My apologies for the mistaken identity of this as a Belgian style instead of the proper Czech Black Lager-thank you to @hoosierbeergeek and Ken for the correction. This mistake says a lot about taking the time to verify information, and frankly stepping it up as far as proper research goes… “Černé pivo” is a black beer, while the similar “tmavé pivo” is a dark beer (Good Beer Guide: Prague & the Czech Republic)…working on more details, but I wanted to get this out there ASAP.

  1. Ken Willetts said:

    It is a dark Czech lager. Nice and light bodied with a decent crispness to it. Hammering the taste buds with an IPA, Scottish Ale and Heavy food. It is really very drinkable and I find pairs nice with something lighter in fare. Fatty fish would probably really allow this to shine.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Thank you very much for that correction! So true that this wasn’t the best thing to have after all those others…definitely still learning some beer lessons. But I’m really excited about getting to try it again, hopefully with one of those great foods that it will go well with – did you find much of a malt flavor or was it pretty straightforward for you?

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