25 Beers of Christmas: Day Five – New Holland Hopivore

Frankly I grabbed New Holland Hopivore at Friendly Package this week was because of the label and name – sometimes I just have to get random beers on a whim, because otherwise I’ll just stand and stare, completely unable to make a decision. Plus who can resist a groan worthy/amazing pun? Are there any wonderfully awful hop pun beers you’ve seen or had this year?

All in all…As a pale ale, I thought this was decent. The hops don’t leave a dryness in your mouth, which makes it very refreshing (its good quality), and it has little lingering aftertaste. Overall it has a very modest flavor – a little too modest if you ask me. As in full-on turtleneck modest. I haven’t had enough fresh hop beers to compare this to others, or to fully understand the potential that fresh hops have as far as taste is concerned, but New Holland did state that this one had more “herbaceous” flavor than others. That being so, I’m not tasting any of said “herbaceous” flavors.

Since this is the beginning of December, and they shipped these in October, my guess is that we are past its prime here. I’ve heard having fresh hop beers within a few weeks of buying them is recommended, and this article in the NYTimes tells me that consumption within about three months of harvest is best. Unfortunately my timing caused disappointment for today, but this will be on my list for sure next year so I can try it at the best time possible.

sidenote: I’d like to work “herbaceous” into my daily vocabulary…you probably should too.

“Oh how is that [insert beer here]?”
“Herbaceous dude.”

How much better is that?!

Recommend to a friend? If I’m recommending a fresh hop beer, I’d rather you try a Great Divide Fresh Hop

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car for this? (2) Five minutes. But tasting this at an off time this year makes me really hesitant to stand behind that.

Safe for lightweights? Yes, at 5.8%

Plus one? I’ll have something else for my second beer.

Other hoppy beers I hope are deserving of their names:

Deschutes Brewing Hop in the Dark

Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que Hop Dead Gorgeous

Hart & Thistle Hop Mess Monster

Port Brewing Hop Suey

NoDa Brewing Hop Drop’n Roll


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