25 Beers of Christmas: Day Twelve – Bell’s Third Coast Beer

I’m spending my evening with the New Jersey Devils vs Tampa Bay Lightning, my old Tintin books, and Bell’s Third Coast Beer (not to be confused with Third Coast Ale…that one is on my wish list). I’m embracing it. The movie is coming out next week, and I’m becoming increasingly excited every day. Plus, how great are these “action words?”

Regarding the Third Coast Beer: I should have done some research before pouring this one out, as it appears to be unfiltered. There are tiny speckles that have been suspended in motion for the entirety of this beer, and while they aren’t distracting and I don’t notice it at all, it’s usually better to be prepared for that. I don’t typically like to look up a beer in extensive details (other than general details) before drinking it, because as a newbie I’m really nervous about getting other reviews or phrases about beers stuck in my head.

According to the label from Bell’s, it is “A golden beer with American hops contributing to a crisp, refreshing bitterness. A tribute to the Great Lakes, T.C.B. is a truly quaffable beer.” Now I can’t just move past a word like that and not do some exploring.

According to The Oxford English Dictionary (1971…don’t judge. It’s the only print version I have)

Quaff: to drink deeply; to take a long draught
Quaffer: one that quaffs or drinks deeply
Quaffing: copious drinking
Quaffling: that quaffs (adverb: quaffingly)
Quaff-tide: the season for drinking
Quaffy: of the nature of drinking

How versatile is that word for the world of beer?

All in all…The hops in this are stronger and more present in this than say, the Moon Man from last night. While that may be for better or worse depending on your personal preference, I wish that there was some other flavor, like malts or some citrus, to complement those hops. I do love me some hops, but for a goldilocks ale to stand out in my book (not too heavy, not too light on the hops) I would also love to have something else to help enhance their flavor.

Recommend to a friend? Bell’s is so solid across the board, that I would say you should try it.

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car for this? (3) Ten minutes

Safe for lightweights? Yes it is, at 4.8% ABV

Plus one? You know, at that ABV a second one could be on my schedule. My very low ABV picks are usually Upland Wheat and Young’s Double Chocolate, so it will be nice to have another choice available.

  1. Finals have me drowning in a quaff-tide. Not *exactly* the right use. No. No, that’s exactly the right use. I am drowning in finals, a massive season when all one does is consider drinking far too much.

    Bring ooooon the quaff-tide.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I hope you survive your finals week, and enjoy your Christmas break quaffingly 🙂

      I’m so excited for your 12 days of Christmas recipes! Especially your vin chaud. I want to make that with my family when we’re all together, but the recipe I have calls for a million different spices (whole vanilla pods, star anise, etc etc…) It’s absolutely ahhmaaazing, but is an investment to make for sure.

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