25 Beers of Christmas: Day Fourteen – Boulder Never Summer

What I’m expecting. Or if not that serene, then maybe a little bit more of adventure. Can you tell I’m a little bit into Iceland?

All in all…Totally not what I got. I thought clean! Crisp! Icelandic! But that’s alright. I can deal. I can adjust.

The Boulder Never Summer poured a dark cherry/brown color, and the information I could find indicated it is a winter seasonal (I think specifically it is a Winter Warmer…correct me if I’m wrong here). I did not find any hint that it purposefully has bourbon flavor, but it really did remind me of a Bastard minus 10 in “sweep me off my feet.” If you want a hint, just the tiniest, slightest sense of what the Bastard is like, but you’re very nervous about having an all out bourbon barrel beer then you might try it. But I won’t promise that it will stop you in your tracks. It fell a little bit short for me, as the flavor was all upfront without a good aftertaste (except a slightly metallic flavor at the sides of your mouth) or second wave of flavor. Hmmm, I hope that describes that well. It’s that sometimes when I have a beer (hopefully complex), it seems to me like the flavors come in waves. Or they’re like shapes (round, angular, etc.). The waves were part of what I loved about the Bastard, and I wish this beer resembled it in that sense as well.

Recommend to a friend? Not this one. But if you want to try another Boulder beer this winter, I thoroughly enjoyed the Cold Hop I recently had of theirs, and I would recommend that.

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car for this? (2) Five minutes

Safe for lightweights? 5.94% ABV

Plus one? Naw


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