25 Beers of Christmas: Day 17 – in which Rebecca forgets to take pictures of beer

Oh hey.

These things happened today:

1. I took my brother to a cross race.

2. I enjoyed some beer.

3. I took pictures of bikes.

4. I didn’t take pictures of beer. Woopsies.

Things I learned today:

1. Don’t wear gloves that don’t cover your thumbs. (Why my hobo gloves leave the thumbs open? Who. knows.)

2. Pictures pictures pictures.

Why don’t you just have another beer tonight and write about that, you might ask? Well, the last time I had several beers at a cross race, and then had another later, it was a little sloppy – the post, not me. Plus I’m off to have more family time. I always love when I get to hang out with my brother – he’s on the whole much more social than I am (he got more of the “go up to random people and start talking” genes than I did), and we usually end up listening to random music I’ve forgotten about. This visit has brought about much more Third Eye Blind (don’t hate…I challenge you to listen to “Motorcycle Drive By” too loudly and not be just the teensiest moved).

The beers: Triton Brewing Company brought two (free!) beers at the cyclocross race – Rail Splitter IPA and Fieldhouse Wheat. The IPA was definitely enjoyable, but it was more earthy than I wanted at that time, so the Fieldhouse Wheat was a much better match this afternoon. It was a basic wheat ale, but I thought hoppier than I’m used to in a wheat ale, which was a pleasant change of pace. It’s hard to have a free beer, at a cross race, outside, and not have a good time.

I’ll leave you with three not so focused pictures from the race and the news that tomorrow’s post will involve Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, marshmallow frosting, and cupcakes (if everything goes as planned).



Douglas throwing his glasses at me!


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