25 Beers of Christmas: Day Twenty – Shiner Holiday Cheer

One of the things I miss most about Georgia is how my hands always seemed to be constantly stained when I was there. We’d drive over to a family friend’s before the sweltering heat wave came at 8 am, and come back with baskets full of blackberries and plum colored hands. The next summer Aunt Karen & I went to a cousin twice/third/howevermanytimes removed’s farm, and came back with heaps of plump blueberries to freeze for the winter, and bright purple fingers, nails, and lips (I snacked as I went along). Another month a different cousin would bring us bags spilling over with corn – this meant an hour sitting under shade in the backyard covered with corn husks. Now pecans. I want no part in picking and shelling/cracking/whatnot pecans. That’s hard work. But I digress. Let’s talk about peaches.

All in all…When I was deciding which beer to have today, I read the bottom of this Shiner that says “Ale brewed with peaches…” Well shut the front door and let’s have a beer.

If you have had real, genuine Georgia peaches: picked them yourself, skinned them in a bowl, had both of your hands drenched in juice…then if you sat down and consumed entire said bowl (I unashamedly have done that) then you know what an amazing flavor that is: sweet, but tart, bursting with some of the intense red middle still attached to the end of each slice. The peach aroma of this beer smells almost like that – it’s so very close, but not quite there.

The taste isn’t similar to these fresh peaches either. It’s more like they have travelled all the way to Indiana – still ripe, delicious, and sweet, but they don’t make your mouth water in the same way. Neither is the taste like peach flavoring – it’s more like black peach tea. I’m not sure if that exists, but that is the closest flavor similarity I can think of. That isn’t to say that the beer has the dryness of black tea at all, but it isn’t light like you would assume a peach flavored ale is.

I will also add that this is the first beer that has made me crave cheese. Suggestions anyone?

Recommend to a friend? If you’re partial to fruit beers, then I would. Also, if you want to try a Christmas beer that is out of the ordinary I’d say give it a try.

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car? (4) Twenty minutes what!

Safe for lightweights? 5.40% ABV

Plus one? It wasn’t extremely easy drinking, but I had to resist drinking it quickly. I would absolutely have a second one of these if I was out.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. The Penguins/Blackhawks game is on so my attention is needed elsewhere.


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