25 Beers of Christmas: Day Twenty-One – Cat wants a Cold Hop

Another short one today, as this beer unfortunately didn’t provide much inspiration.

All in all…I poured this, looked at the bottle, and found that I was supposed to “Enjoy by Nov 23.” Whatevs. It’s still okay. It’s almost like a baby version of Ruination IPA. The flavor is similar, but turn down the notch until you can barely hear a whisper. The last time I had this beer I really quite enjoyed it, so I wonder how much the “enjoy by” date is playing into this.

Cold Hop = copper aftertaste + gawgeous clementine/hazy orange color + citrus

Recommend to a friend? Um [thinking with furrowed brow] I think there are more stunning options out there these days…apparently the cat likes it though.

Safe for lightweights? 6.80% ABV

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car? (2) Five minutes – (3) Ten minutes.

Plus one? You know, at the beginning of drinking this beer I’d say why not. It’s a decent beer and I like that it’s between 6-7% ABV. However, as you finish it, that feeling goes away. I would rather move on to something else.


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