25 Beers of Christmas: Day Twenty-Four – Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

This is a short one tonight, as I have to get back to the Beernog I’m making…I know! Beernog! I’m so excited – I hope that it is a success so I can post the recipe for it tomorrow.

All in all…I’m quite glad I saved this for Christmas Eve. Don’t worry your pretty little head, I have something really special in store for Christmas day. But this is the beer that has come closest to having the type of spices I want in a Christmas beer. It’s very light and amber-ish…amber-ish…let that stellar adjective sink in. It has a teensy bit of spice – the hops are the driving force behind it, and were a little more bitter than I was expecting. It reminds me of the Bell’s Christmas Ale, with a little more oompa behind it. Oompa = Rogue fist pump. I’m obsessed with that fist pump. I’m a little sad they didn’t have Santa fist pump.

Recommend to a friend? Mmmm…It is good, but I may not necessarily recommend it.

Safe for lightweights? 6.0% ABV

How much snow are you willing to scrape off your car? (3) Ten minutes

Plus one? Not particularly. Though it was enjoyable, I wouldn’t necessarily want to have another one.


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