Cookies & Cans : Boulder Hazed & Infused

Yesterday I spent my afternoon making homemade granola and doing yoga with Iron & Wine. Guess who made a few resolutions? Among running & actually riding my bike again, being more diligent in practicing yoga is on my list for 2012. I typically have such a hard time just focusing on it in the moment – pushing to-do lists out of my head, thinking about what pose to do next, figuring out what ingredients I need to buy at the grocery store, yadayada. After about ten minutes of determination, I finally wind down and feel balanced. And even though after 30-45 minutes I’m done for the day, I don’t like to give up that balanced and centered feeling . Not thinking about problems I’m helping my customers with, or how much laundry I need to do, or what in the world I’m doing with my life. Maybe “practice more yoga” isn’t a proper resolution itself, but rather being more calm, relaxed, and patient. Learning other poses, running further & faster, getting better on my bike – those unfortunately don’t happen overnight. Most worthy things in life don’t happen that quickly, do they? So I’m trying to exercise patient persistence. Stillness. Embracing questions, rather than scrambling for answers. Sigh. I’m taking full advantage of this moment as long as possible.
(other resolutions: getting more than two beer glasses, and
learning how to take pictures without capturing my own reflection)
Back to the basics
Boulder Beer Company
Amber Ale
4.85% ABV
Bought at Friendly Package Liquors, Muncie

All in all
This Hazed & Infused fits the “quiet & relaxed” bill – it’s afternoon in a can. It directs slanted warm light through a hazy orange glass, is deeply satisfying, relaxing, and reassuring. It isn’t lazy enough to put you to sleep, but just laid back enough to take a deep breath in. It even smells light, ginger ale with a spritz of lemon, and a whiff of rising bread dough…one of my favorite aromas to have in a kitchen.

Best of all, it is thirst quenching, and best enjoyed in large swigs. This is no sipping beer – it’s a very easy drinker, middle of the road (not in reference to quality) amber taste with about ⅛ teaspoon of sweetness, and a few seconds of hoppy aftertaste. (Hoppy? Hop-filled? Hopolicious?) To quote the back of this can it has some “tasty waves.”

As far as how it feels, it has the tiniest bit of carbonation, but doesn’t feel flat in any respect. It has a nice lively body, and is my definition of gulp-able beer aka this one went extremely fast. I do prefer drinking this one in the can, but I’m glad I also poured it in a glass, as that orange color in the sun was pretty. (It does get more murky though when not in direct sunlight)

Recommend to a friend?


Safe for lightweights?

Six pack worthy?
Yes, and in fact, I’m picking up more on my next trip to Friendly Package.

  1. G-LO said:

    Just had one of these the other night. Very delicious!

  2. The Wookie said:

    Very tasty brew. I love a good hoppy beer in a can, great to throw into a backpack and enjoy in the relaxing peace of the great outdoors.

    Good luck on finding your center in 2012 and throw that homemade granola recipe in a post. Granola is simple but it’s alway neat to see what others do with it. If it wasn’t for the internet I wouldn’t have found a spicy chili granola recipe that is awesome to warm up and fuel up on the chairlift when skiing.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I would never have thought of spicy granola – that’s fantastic! I’m thinking about doing a month of something like Breakfast & Belgians…Breakfast & Brewdog…something along those lines. Whenever that happens, this granola will definitely make it in there.

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