Cookies & Cans : Southern Star Buried Hatchet Revisited

I may lose a few friends over this post. I may even get a few dirty looks.

It wasn’t for me. Before you get your pitchforks, let me say I don’t hate it, but Buried Hatchet has not been and apparently still isn’t the beer for me. We don’t get along very well, I don’t have the stomach for it, and we just don’t have the right chemistry. I’m so disappointed that we still don’t match up, because I know lots of people who downright adore this beer, but I do hope they won’t hold it against me.

Maybe this is something that just isn’t happening for the time being. For example, I’ve tried for the past four years to read David Foster Wallace – I’ll absolutely concede that he’s a great writer, and many of my friends are extremely passionate about his writing. But try as I might….I’ve started about four separate books and he doesn’t catch me. Maybe one day in the future I’ll have travelled far enough along my beer or literary journey and things will just click with either of them.

Is there a particular beer that everyone fawns over that you just don’t care for?

On to liquid forms of art…

Back to the basics

Southern Star
Strong American Stout (Southern Star), Stout (RateBeer), American Double/Imperial Stout (Beeradvocate)…sheesh
8.25% ABV
Bought at Friendly Package Liquors

All in all…
This aroma comes barreling at you from the second you crack it open. It isn’t an unpleasant smell at this point: a bit of the chocolate in Young’s Double Chocolate Stout + the alcoholic smell of a Founders Porter.  But once I poured it in a glass and took a semi-deep breath it smelled to me like curdled Founders Breakfast Stout, in that there was a heavily roasted black coffee scent, but it just went way too far & sharp for my taste. The color is unique, though – a little softer brown than a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, with a velvety thick and flexible tan head (kind of like a Volvo interior leather tan).

So Turkish coffee is prepared by boiling very finely powdered coffee with a little sugar, and served as such (the dregs will settle to the bottom of your cup). It’s insanely robust, but is also very sweet and unique. This tastes as if Turkish coffee was boiled with a pinch of cardamom, and with the acidity of the coffee turned way up. If the acidity, curdled, and burnt carmel scent weren’t there I would probably be a bigger fan. And I mean burnt carmel as in “I can’t believe I burnt this carmel and now its permanently affixed to my saucepan and setting off the smoke alarms.” The one aspect that I do love is the aftertaste of toasted slivered almonds.

Recommend to a friend?
Not this time around

Safe for lightweights?
No, so I will be using my ABV on something else next time.

Six pack worthy?
Well they come in packs of four, but I won’t be getting a four pack anytime soon

But don’t take my word for it…

Beer America TV
(video review – appearance by Scooter from Texas Brews, and a couple interesting facts about canned beer & “aluminum taste”)

The Hopry
(video & written review… I really appreciate that this gent provided a truly unique observation on the Hatchet flavor that I read/heard…tootsie rolls!)

Texas Brews
(written review)

(written review)

  1. Every day I find a new reason to appreciate you. Thank you for being, thus far, the only other person in the world who shares my sentiments on DFW. (Also, I LOVE the & bookmark.)

  2. thebakeandbrew said:

    I know right?! I just can’t get into him…there’s a mini explosion in outrage from anyone around when I admit it. And thank our awesome Rachel for posting that ampersand on tumblr a few days ago. I’ve been drawing and redrawing it constantly since then.

  3. The Dude said:

    I drank about 4 of these real quick one night without knowing the ABV. And I totally dug it.

    Also, Founders is my dreamgirl. The porter and breakfast stout give me the jungle fever like no other.

    How dare you hate on this brew. Check out a shotgun review of pine belt pale and enjoy the fact that you even get Founders…

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Yeah I seem to be one of two people in the world who doesn’t care much for this one. But definitely not digging on the Breakfast Stout here – I could make a lifetime commitment to that beer. Maybe a domestic partnership or civil union. Who knows – I’d make it work.

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