10 Things for Friday

Here’s what I’ve been reading through my Google Reader  at 6:30 am each morning this week…

1. WTF of the week: woman banned from homebrew competition because she has lady parts. (source onesource two)

2. Muncie’s Heorot was the only Indiana bar to make it into Draft’s 100 best beer bars this year. While it is quite true that they have an outstanding selection (Delirium on tap!) and they finally got some good bartenders in there after my favorites left, all things considered (selection, price, service, owners, atmosphere, crowd, etc.), Savage’s and the Fickle Peach still take the top spots in my book for Muncietown.

3. Adorable solution for your messy spice bowl or shelf: small spice jars + blackboard chalk.

4. These cabins. Oh good heavens these cabins.

5. One morning last week.

6. After reading Helene Dujardin’s book Plate to Pixel, I thought “Hey, I might actually be able to learn how to take a decent photo.” She also makes me think I could actually make her Gluten-Free Salmon Bisque.

7. For those of you wanting to fancy up your liquor cabinet. Or if you’re like me, your “liquor cabinet” is a corner of your shelf devoted to the one bottle of scotch and one bottle of gin or vodka. Use some of that vodka, milk, and sugar, and you’ll have another smart drink to add (The Kitchn)

8. Camping/road tripping/skinny dipping video by Deschutes Brewery.

9. If you need to kill an hour or two, here’s an interesting & lengthy response by Stone’s Greg Koch to this inspired by this. It took me two mornings to read through it thoroughly. But now I’m curious about IBUs (don’t know much about them yet) and even more bewildered by some beer styles/classifications and their interpretations.

10. I need two more hours in the day just so I can make this grapefruit cake with grapefruit/mint glaze every day of my life. (Food 52)

Come back Sunday for the last cookie post of January! 

1 comment
  1. Barleywhiner said:

    Cabin Porn! Loved the spice jars too.

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