10 Things for Friday

What I’ve been reading this week…there is quite a bit extending outside of the beer & baking realm, but I hope you don’t mind.

1. Favorite of the week: beautiful beautiful label illustrations and brilliant idea for Illustration Ale by East End Brewing in Pittsburgh

2. Incredibly detailed infographic of The Phantom Tollbooth. I’m stunned.

3. Put It In Your Face legitimately made me crave bourbon at 9:30. Scouts honor.

4. Why McDonald’s in France doesn’t feel like fast food. SO. TRUE.

5. I can’t believe I forgot about the cupcake cannon.

6. Apparently it is possible to be in love with a poster…sexy typography print…Ligature, Loop, and Step

7. Clever and sweet designs by Vahram Muratyan on Paris versus New York

8. The craft beer revolution in Norway!

9. Jumping on the bandwagon: Yosemite…truth be told, “Outro” can make you tear up all on its own. Listen to it sparingly. Use it wisely.

10. Stressed out? Watch this lovely seven minute video on letterpress.

  1. ce. said:

    Thanks for the shout!

  2. MUST HAVE THAT POSTER. Doesn’t Paris vs. NY make you endlessly happy? Is that just because Paris always wins? Hmm… probably.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I agree 🙂 My favorites is la barbe…I love the word “un bobo.” Le cafe is super lovely as well.

  3. The Dude said:

    My favorite parisvsnyc is the Godard/Woody one from a while back. Pretty damn good, but I suck at the internet too much to find it.

    • thebakeandbrew said:
      • The Dude said:

        Yes yes, just wanted to make sure you were aware. I would give Paris to Truffaut instead of Godard, anyway.

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