10 Things for Friday

This week has incidentally taken on an Italian theme…wine…pasta…squid ink…you heard me right. squid ink.

1. My pick of the week from Spenser Magazine: “Behold the House of Sour” on page 66 of the current issue on Cascade Brewing’s sour beer program.

2. Ever wonder how much spaghetti to boil? I could eat a horse has your solution.

3. Le Parisen à la Mer. Simple, fun short about Parisian boys at the ocean.

4. I’m not up to making Trofie pasta yet, but this process video made it look fun.

5. Alright. This has nothing to do with baking or beer, but it’s the. sweetest. thing.

6. The digestif that will make you feel as if you are “hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.”

7. For anyone slightly interested, here are the new 2012 Beer Style Guidelines.

8. THEY USED WHAT?? Squid ink pasta. Squid ink pasta. In case you didn’t see it the first two times…squid. ink.

9. Why anyone might use squid ink…

10. Trailer for SOMM, a new documentary following the adventures of several men attempting to pass their Sommelier exams.

1 comment
  1. ce. said:

    SOMM looks awesome! Viewing party!

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