10 Things for Friday

1. All you need: marbled red velvet cheesecake brownies.

2. Heineken bottle concept design

3. I have way too many books already, and this summary of the best cookbooks of 2011 isn’t going to help…

4. Interesting tidbit about supposed “light” advantages of cans over bottles.

5. WTF of the week: The Green Lake park in Austria is a normal park in the winter, and a lake in the summer. Whaaa?

6. How could yeast donuts get even better? Stuff them with vanilla cream.

7. Theoretical redesign of Boxer Beer

8. Making your own brown sugar is easier than you thought. Tada!

9. I fell in love with these stunning pictures for a post on Kitchen 101 (with conversions!)

10. Chocolate Pecan Cookies with Sea Salt & being a weirdo.


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