link love & mini break

I’ve had a few “off” weeks recently…more than off, really. You know those days where the coffee you make in the morning somehow is terrible, and you’re late for class, and you forget your lunch, or money for lunch. I always know I’m having an off day if I can’t seem to get in sync with driving my Honda (it’s a stick shift).  If I stall? Now that’s a really bad sign. (I’m always so embarrassed if anyone witnesses me stalling the car…I swear I’ve been doing it for years! I really know how to do this!) So I’ve just been having off day after off day. Even my beer selections have been bad! I try to have new beers as much as possible, and I typically have the good fortune of choosing pretty good ones. But recently, luck has not been looking my way. So I’ve been preferring a healthy glass of scotch or white wine in the evenings.

Anyways, the buildup of three exhausting weeks resulted in needing to spend a full Sunday in pajamas last weekend, with a lot of Parks & Recreation. So I’m taking a wee break. I’d like some time attempting to get better at my pictures, or just trying new things out, without the pressure of absolutely needing to use some of them in posts. (I’m still totally nervous around cameras so I do really need the practice) And I definitely need another lazy weekend. More Parks & Rec never hurts, either. However, I’ll be back March 4th to resume my regular posts. But for now I’ll leave you with a few things I’ve been obsessing over lately for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Beer Lens
Beer Lens Beer Lens Beer Lens. That means you need to check this out.
Beer Lens.

This gent hasn’t posted anything for a while, but I’ve spent many hours scrolling through some of his older and beautiful pictures of beer. (His most recent post is a wrap up of some iPhone pictures, so for the good stuff, keep scrolling.)

Lovely, charming, and down to earth. I never fail to have a good chuckle and want one of the delicious cocktails she prepares after reading her posts.

Not Without Salt
Please oh please check out her incredibly colorful, lively photographs from a trip to Morocco.

You may think me silly for just discovering this blog as she’s stellar and pretty blog famous, but alas, I’m a newbie. I love how soft her pictures are and how laid back her writing is. Her pictures make me long for the light in the Pacific Northwest.

  1. “wee break” made me giggle. I know you meant “a little vacation,” but I immediately thought of you needing to go to the ladies’ room.

    Hope you get feeling better in sync, friend.

    If you’re not doing anything Saturday, you should come to the big XRA Showcase show at Luna Records: husband & wife, Metavari, Rodeo Ruby Love, &c &c. Tyler, Layne, and Ashley are making the trip down. I bet you could get in on the backseat if you were interested.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Thanks Newg 🙂

  2. cookiemomma said:

    hahaha…I caught the “wee break” also

  3. The Dude said:

    Beer Lens is incredible! Thanks for posting. Wish I was out shooting more beer…

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