10 Things for Friday…on Sunday

I’m in the middle of enjoying a much needed, overdue long weekend. I’ve had two days of doing pretty much whatever I feel like – impromptu trip to Indianapolis, naps, a friend’s birthday bash (there were many party hats), and a lot of Zombie Dust. It’s been de-lightful. And after two days of an already wonderful weekend, I have several bags of groceries on the counter for baking – strawberries for popsicles, blueberries for muffins, and key limes for…to be decided later. I just can’t pass on getting key limes when they’re available, so I’m excited about perusing recipes for them today. Any suggestions?

But for now here’s a be-lated 10 Things for Friday…on Sunday.

1. Roundup of March’s The Session/Beer Blogging Friday hosted by Hoosier Beer Geek on “What makes local beer better?”

2. This is an old one, but every once in a while I’ll watch Ira Glass on storytelling and taste for a touch of inspiration.

3. Kinda cool? Kinda weird

4. I wish I could still run 13.1 miles after a “training” program like this. And I’m extremely jealous of a few of my friends who can.

5. The history of red velvet cake

6. Chocolate fail for chocolate ale: Boulevard Brewing offers refunds on their chocolate ale

7. How would you organize a beer store?

8. Stop-motion bookstore…this made me smile so much.

9. Cheese!!

10. Newfoundland Iceberg beer

  1. Cheeeeese! Mont d’Or, Mon Dieu… que le fromage me manque.

  2. G-LO said:

    Yo B+B!

    Two things…

    #1 – Thanks for the blog mention.

    #2 – Welcome back to blogging AND happy baking!


  3. Muna said:

    Key Lime curd! I was thinking about making some of that myself-I’ll let you do it now! 🙂
    those blueberries look wonderful- what did you make with them?
    Keep posting!

  4. thebakeandbrew said:

    @G-LO: Anytime (and thanks to the Wookie for the original post!), and thank you for the well wishes!

    @Muna: I’ve never made key lime curd before, so that’s a wonderful idea! As for the blueberries, I think I’ll be posting the muffin recipe tomorrow 🙂

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