10 Things for Friday

1. Announcement! Announcement! (re: Brugge Brasserie)

2. I haven’t found a gluten-free beer I like just yet, but this would be the best looking one by far

3. Fruit tart “swatches” as Pantone colors. Ah!

4. Yesterday was International Women’s Day, huzzah! “Judge me on my abilities, not on my boobs”

5. A wonderfully comprehensive list of breweries on Pinterest (who knew?!) as well as a general list of beer bloggers, Twitters, etc.

6. Oh. my. god.

7. Who’s making CMYK Easter Eggs with me this year?

8. I’ll be part of this morning any day

9. One of the reasons I miss the Metro so much. Eye candy on your way to school, thankyouverymuch.

10. Badonk-A-Dunkel…I really hope this actually existed.

1 comment
  1. Muna said:

    Sorry I missed #4- geesh
    Pinterest is my new obsession!
    Martha goes crazy with her Easter Egg decorating- have you seen her solid chocolate eggs- where she fills a real shell (sanitzed of course) with melted chocolate?? Nutjob! lol

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