Old Overholt Rye Whiskey

I’m all sorts of green in the world of whisk(e)y, so this will be brief and I’ll ask for your patience and understanding with my opinions. I certainly enjoy a glass every now and then, but the price point (as compared to beer) means I need to make a more significant investment in trying new spirits. I mean, I’m okay spending around $15 on a mixer sixer with all new great beers, but spending that on a bottle of liquor I haven’t had at all before is a hard decision to make. Additionally, beer in Muncie is a lot more accessible than trying out different whisk(e)y. But! Some of my family brought back goodies from Kentucky, and I really want to share what I’ve had the opportunity to try lately.

The basics
Old Overholt (Say that five times fast)
Straight Rye Whiskey
80 proof / 40% ABV
4 Years

All in all
Thumbs up. Plus, I think the price is pretty reasonable at $16.99. I wouldn’t mind picking one up at the store to have on hand. Sidenote: don’t attempt to have a Founders Double Trouble after a glass of this…those two flavors do not mesh well.

Light copper, with legs that hung on for dear life

Vanilla bean and brown sugar

Cedar, then lingering vanilla aftertaste

  1. I’d been meaning to ask if you’d had this. It was the first whiskey I enjoyed drinking, just about a month ago. Can’t even TELL you how much we’ve been buying this lately–began for the bargain price (though Big Red has it at about $13). So glad to see you talking about this one. Awesome!

  2. G-LO said:

    Although I have not had the Old Overholt, I have had several other Rye whiskies, and over the past couple years, I have really grown to love them. Love the spiciness! Love the astringency that some of them have too. It’s a nice change of pace from my usual Bourbon (though there are several Bourbons that are heavy on the Rye without going overboard) and Scotch whisky.

    As I mentioned to you on Instagram, I had a Sazerac cocktail the other night made with Rittenhouse Rye. Really nice cocktail! Th hints of Pernod and the Peychaud/Angostura bitters really smoothed out the spicy edge of the Rye, and the hints of Pernod left a really nice, light licorice aftertaste. Great stuff! I suspect that you may enjoy this drink.

    Beautiful photo by the way!


  3. The Wookie said:

    Sounds tasty. I love rye whiskeys but have never heard of this one so I’ll have to seek it out.

    As for the investment in a spirit you don’t know you should try the small samples from Master of Malt [ http://www.masterofmalt.com/samples/ ]. You can try a 3cl taste for a reasonable price before plunking down that full bottle “investment”. They boys and I have done a few whiskeys that way. Think of it as a whiskey “mixed six”.


    • thebakeandbrew said:

      @megan: Looks like we definitely have a contender for something to sip on if/when we have our baking date!

      @G-LO: Thank you! It’s going to be an adventure photographing these over the next few weeks – it’s a bit different capturing about one or two ounces of liquid versus a whole pint. Should be a fun challenge though.

      @The Wookie: That is a fantastic idea – I’m definitely going to be passing that along to my other friends who also love trying new things but balk at some of the prices.

      • The Wookie said:

        … or you could use my alternative to the tiny bottles and just drink at G-lo’s house. His liquor cab is stocked and our neighbor LimpD’s house is loaded up like a Scottish Whisky Baron owns the place. Remember the best kind of whiskey is free whiskey!!

  4. Dave said:

    I really like your “appearance” description.

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