Johnny Drum Bourbon Whiskey

The Basics
Johnny Drum
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
86 proof / 43% ABV
4 Years

All in all
I liked the Overholt in general better than this, but it was still enjoyable.

Honey/amber with tiny slowwww droplets for legs. The 80 year old lady in a Buick Park Avenue I was driving behind was moving faster than these.

take 1: so aromatic it almost made me sneeze
take 2: pepper & browned butter

Not really cedar this time, but more like the stock wood shavings from my father’s woodworking in his garage as well as dark carmel. And for all the fanfare of its aroma, there wasn’t as much initial burn as I expected.

  1. G-LO said:

    I’ve never heard of Johnny Drum Bourbon. This requires further exploration.

    As far as your comparison to the Old Overholt, I don’t think it’s fair to put them side by side since one is a Bourbon and one is a Rye whiskey. Just my two cents. 🙂

    Beautiful photo by the way!


    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I do agree with refraining from comparing two different types – just like it would be a little pointless to compare a stout to a pale ale. But in the overall scheme of things if I just had these two to choose from for my drink, I’d still go for the Overholt.

      • G-LO said:

        Sounds like you’re a Rye lover in the making. This is a good thing! Well… except for maybe your liver. 😉

        And speaking of Rye…

        Apparently, many Rye whiskeys are distilled in Indiana. There’s a company called LDI that makes Templeton, Bulleit, and several other Ryes in your state. They just got bought out. You should do further research.

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