it’s spring?

The weather in Indiana lately has everyone jumping for joy and glancing sideways, half-scared to believe this is real. Highs of 78 degrees F? Sun most days? Isn’t March supposed to be 45 degrees F and rainy? I’m not complaining, believe me. Quite the contrary, I really feel like I’ve woken up from some sort of winter hibernation. Can you believe that it’s March already? October, November, December, January, and February flew by in a cold, grey haze for me. Now I’m on my bed in front of two open windows, Weekend Edition Sunday on, contemplating which sundress to wear, and watching a foggy sunrise.

The last several days I’ve taken every opportunity I could to connect to the outdoors. At work, we’ve been keeping our doors wide open all day, and after 5 pm I’ve been running and afterwards planting myself on the back patio until it’s dark.

With the opportunity to run outdoors again (in shorts no less!), I’m taking a second look at my eating habits. I bake a lot, obviously, and I’m never going to stop doing that. I love it, it brings me peace, and makes me happy. However, I’ve never really developed basic cooking skills and frankly, I don’t eat true dinners. I’m more of a snack, sandwich, easy meal kind of person – I’d much rather spend that time figuring out a new cake or pie! But I’ve realized how beneficial actually making a decent dinner can be: first, balanced meals are always a good thing for our health, and second, I would like to be able to make more than three grown-up meals. There are only so many times I can make breakfast for dinner and have it be charming, you know? I’m going to see what I can do here to work on that, and if any of you are culinary-inclined and have suggestions for me, I’m all ears!

Anyways, like I’ve said, I’ve simply been enjoying the new weather, having a beer outside, and so I haven’t been spending as much time in the kitchen or at the computer. But if you look up at the top you’ll see a new page: Link Love. I’ve listed some beer and food blogs (alphabetically) I regularly read, enjoy, and would recommend you check out. As I find more blogs that I add to my daily reading, this list may change, contract, or expand, and I would love suggestions for new ones to read or explore.

  1. Muna said:

    I too live in Indiana and am enjoying what Spring has delivered so far! Love the weather ( I love hot weather!) and love the shift in diet too! I say cook what’s in season -you cant go wrong with that!

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I’m really excited for this summer when the farmer’s market ramps up again to find some in season fruit/veggies. Especially tomatoes! Homegrown tomatoes are one of my favorite things to have in the summer (peaches take #1).

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