another sunny day

So I haven’t really done my homework this week…As we’re still having jump-for-joy weather, I have been avoiding “indoors” as much as possible. Consequently, that means I’ve also been avoiding computers and blog posts. Instead I have sore legs from running, blisters from being at the driving range too much too soon, the start of my cycling shorts tan line, a window open every night, and a little sunburn. And it’s made extremely happy. This all has been making me so happy.

Aforementioned running. We have a river trail here in Muncie, and it’s been delightfully busy every day. Plus, there are so many dogs out now!

Every spring I forget about golf blisters…ouch. But that forces me to work on my short game (which needs a lot of work if I may say so). I have about fifteen people I want to play with, but I have also forgotten about how much energy it takes just to hit! My upper body strength has always been lacking, but I’m working my way up. A round can’t be too far away.

Beers outside? Yes, please. Muncie is not lacking for good bars when it comes to beer. We’re extremely spoiled here when it comes to variety (for a town of our size), price, and selection, but one thing we desperately need is a bar with outdoor seating downtown. There used to be a great restaurant The Landing that had converted their back alley into a really cool patio/porch area, but alas, they’re closed now. (And for those of you who may care to notice, I’ve been enamored with spring nail polish colors.)

And bike rides. One of my very favorite parts of spring/summer are early morning rides, when the sun is just up, the air is cool, and barely anyone is on the roads/greenway. It’s just so quiet and peaceful, a refreshing way to start your day, and truly my favorite way to see Indiana.

And finally, a lot of dresses, skirts, and sandals. So many dresses. So so many dresses.

  1. G-LO said:

    I don’t do golf (I imagine myself throwing clubs and cursing like Happy Gilmore). I’m not much of a runner. But I do need to get back on my bike and get in some sort of shape. And the drinking outside sounds good too! To The BarThenon!

    Enjoy the warmth!


    • thebakeandbrew said:

      You should try golf again! It’s super relaxing, to me at least. And the course I’m near, at least, sells beer on their refreshment cart 🙂

      • G-LO said:

        I’ve never actually tried golf. Just mini golf or the driving range. Miserable experiences all around for me. I suspect that you have some serious athletic ability (running, cycling, golf, etc.) and/or oodles of patience. My brother in law mentions taking me to the driving range and giving me some lessons. We’ll see. I’ll be sure to report back or air my grievances on Twitter. Heh

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