Monday Link Love

I sort-of kind-of colored my hair this weekend with chalk pastels. It was awesome.

Churchkey Can Co. is taking throwback one step further, with flat topped steel cans you have to open with the actual churchkey that comes with the six-pack.

The Birth of a Book…such a lovely process

“Indianapolis…Our sports-city culture has been built on top of a legacy of the bicycle.”

You’ve seen The Great Gatsby trailer, right? Right??

“Big beer” has discovered sponsored blog posts/giveaways

When you’re in the mood for s’mores, but don’t have the campfire

“Judge us not by our jerks” and “Don’t ‘door'” from How to Not Kill a Cyclist 

Strawberries were on super sale this week, so I’m going to try some of this coulis for some stawberry coulis/limeade ice. Hello Memorial Day!

My friend Megan made profiteroles, and I just can’t stop craving them now. Soft pastry with whip cream? Gahhhh

  1. Daniel said:

    I also was passing around the “how not to kill a cyclist” link after almost being hit twice last week.

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