Drink this! (New Belgium Tart Lychee)

Today was an excellent day. Today still is an excellent day.

Despite burning my tongue on scalding hot Krispy Kreme coffee this morning, despite realizing I left my bike at my relatives’ house thirty minutes outside of Atlanta (yep), despite spilling aforementioned coffee all over a new shirt after that realization, it’s been a fantastic day.

This morning I continued our family tradition of getting a hot Krispy Kreme donut right before leaving town for a few relaxing days in Jekyll Island – a beautiful island off the coast of South Georgia with tons of bike paths and overhanging, ancient trees. I got to Krispy Kreme just in time for a donut right off the line (win!), and had a beautiful five hour drive to the coast. I listened to Iron & Wine all the way through two lane highways lined with pine trees, and rolled down the windows to smell the ocean and damp spanish moss. After checking in to the hotel, I took my bike right out (I drove back to get it) and went for a ride around the island, through the historic district, and got caught in two separate thunderstorms. It was a great ride, but I had to stow away my room key and iPhone in my sports bra because of the torrential downpour. (Perks of being a girl) I got back to the room sopping wet, tired, and so happy. And now I get to have this Tart Lychee. Since I didn’t think ahead and bring a glass with me, it’s in a hotel plastic cup, but nevertheless, it’s still great.

Like I said, excellent day.

Now, I don’t think I’m in any position to make specific observations about a beer because of the Krispy Kreme coffee situation, but I do hope you get to try this someone. Because even with limited taste buds, it’s delightful.

As a parting note, I have a guest post up over at The Midwestern Man about being a gentleman, and I hope you’ll check it out. I’m really excited about it: (1) because The Midwestern Man is a great blog in general, so I was super stoked when they asked for a guest post (2) it’s the first time I’ve written a post about something specifically other than beer or baking and (3) gentlemen are just plain awesome.

  1. Cathy said:

    I saw this beer at the store, but passed on it. Of course, now that you tried it I’m thinking about finding it again. If nothing else, I love the designs of the Lips of Faith beers.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Aren’t they beautiful bottles? It can be a hard purchase to make, as I think it was around $8.99, so I’d recommend finding a friend to split the beer and cost with 🙂

  2. G-LO said:

    You may have had a snafu or two along the way, but the day was all yours and you were doing what makes you happy, so that’s a win/win in my book. I need to adopt your attitude. The Sicilian in me takes over when my plans get messed with.

    I am fascinated my the Lips of Faith series. Have not seen them around here yet, but since New Belgium is opening up an East Coast brewery, that may change very soon. This beer sounds deliciously weird. I dig those weird brews! Gotta keep things interesting after all.

    And your post on The Midwestern Man… well done and congrats! Your gentleman criteria is both reasonable and something to aspire to.


  3. Dave said:

    Can’t wait to try that lychee beer. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dave said:

      Oh, and I love the Georgia pics, too. I’ve always found Georgia to be very photogenic.

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