mood swings…er, beer swings?

Do you go through phases of preferring one style beer over others? I’ve been wanting hefeweizens and lagers recently, and this became very evident when I cracked open a Chaka the other night. I was extremely excited to try it as an Oskar Blues/Sun King Collaboration, but it just was not what I wanted at the moment.

Are there any styles of beer that you’re never in the mood for? Always in the mood for? I’m always in the mood for an IPA or pale ale, yet I’ve never found myself in the mood for a cream ale. I very sparingly really want a stout or porter, but I did go through a phase last November of wanting to try a lot of winter warmers.

Then there are times when you just want to try some bourbon instead.

  1. G-LO said:

    The “What am I in the mood for?” questions comes up quite often. When the “let’s gather on the patio and drink” texts start flying with the neighbors, the “Beer or whisk(e)y?” question comes up too. If I start drinking late, I generally prefer whisk(e)y regardless of the time of year (less volume of liquid). When we go for beer, we generally break out something that is new to us, or we’ll go for a variety of the same style, but from different brewers. It’s all somewhat spontaneous and it’s all about discovery.

    When I’m drinking alone (almost always just one beer/whisk(e)y/cocktail), then it gets a bit more complicated. I am usually in the mood for something new when it comes to beer cause it’s usually tied in with a beer review. If it’s not for a review, then I usually prefer something lighter, i.e. rarely an Imperial anything. IPA, Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Saison are my favorites, but Sours are gathering momentum too. Then again, I do like a well crafted Stout or Porter every so often.

    Hmmm…. have I answered your question at all?

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I think it’s a hard question to answer for people who love trying everything – we rarely say “no” to any particular style, so it’s hard to pinpoint something that we’re ALWAYS in the mood for, you know?

      I’ve started wanting to try different liquors lately, but have to choose to spend my “alcohol intake” and dollars wisely. A new bourbon bar just opened up this summer in town so we’ll see how that goes!

      • G-LO said:

        I totally know what you mean regarding the beers. I want to try them all! Is that wrong?

        As far as the liquor goes, I rarely drink whisky at a bar or restaurant, because much like wine, I find it to be ridiculously overpriced. On a positive note, American whiskey is generally more reasonably priced when compared to the SIngle Malt Scotches. Look forward to hearing all about your booze infused adventures!

  2. Barleywhiner said:

    When I don’t know what type of beer I want to drink, Boulevard Tank 7 always seems to work. Not too hoppy, not too full and rich like a stout.

    • G-LO said:

      Ohhh…. just had this two days ago. Excellent stuff!

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      That’s been on my wish list forever, but for some reason I keep forgetting to grab it when I’m at the package store. The fact that it’s on the very bottom left shelf doesn’t help, but I love their packaging and I’ve heard great things!

  3. Douglas said:

    I am always in the mood for an IPA or a Pale Ale, but this preference gets much stronger when it gets warm and hot outside. In the late fall and winter, when there is a nip in the air and I want something to warm me up, I begin to gravitate towards more stouts and ambers.

    And Bourbon? Always in the mood for bourbon. Especially in summer.

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