Monday Link Love

A psychedelically transformed Grand Palais makes me miss Paris like woah

50 Ways to Afford Craft Beer… “Get a real job.  Wait, no, don’t do that.  That’s a terrible idea.”

I feel like I always include a post from the Times, but please check out this piece on a new documentary Herd in Iceland

As if I couldn’t love Hemingway more (thanks Rai!)

A book composed of the first Google image for every word in the dictionary. This book jacket is super cool.

“Ever walk into a pub, bottle shop, or brewery and have a similar thought? A thought that we beer fans, connoisseurs, and snobs will never experience all of it?” From a guest post on Beertography by Joel McClosky of the new Four Saints Brewing Company

Ohmygee! BEERsimple has a new post!

Roasted tomato caprese panzanella? Oh hush.

Craft beer turns down Nickelback *snicker*

Designers! Awesome people! Duvel is looking for a new glass design!

  1. I love that letter from Hemingway. He is everything. Did I ever tell you about finding a Hemingway-scented candle? It didn’t remind me of him at all.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Wait what? That’s quite a presumptuous scent for someone to create.

  2. G-LO said:

    Once again… great links and thanks for sharing them! Made for a lovely lunch hour. 🙂

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