Good Reads

You know when a dish looks so delectable that you almost start tearing up? Say hello to my newest blog crush and Muzzi in Caruzzi. On top of insanely delicious food, he features a Booze of the Month and he homebrews. Is this real life?

The Forest Feast
My buddy Christopher introduced me to the Forest Feast, and I’m in total blog love. I’m also completely envious over her (1) location: right next to tall, beautiful trees in California (2) her simple and savory recipes (3) her originality in combining the directions with her photographs in her handwriting and fonts. This blog is in the “everything they do is wonderful” stage, for sure.

Stouts and Stilettos
These ladies are awesome, and I love seeing a new post pop up in my Reader, because of the range of subjects related to beer they write about. That’s one of the best way to engage, and keep your readers coming back in my opinion. For example, you can find anything from “The Quest for the Holy Grail of Beer,” a recommendation on a beer and cake pairing, to a re-blog like “Some Thoughts on Beer Glasses.”

The Beeroness
This lady has it going on. If you Google search “baking with beer,” you are most likely going to come across a lot of chocolate stout cupcakes and cakes. Well this lady has my utmost admiration right now, because she keeps coming out with fantastic recipes using beer that are well beyond that traditional use. For example, Strawberry Beer Sorbet and IPA Marinated Citrus Porch Chops with Peach Poblano Salsa.

How Sweet It Is
I’ve been “starring” every single post from the last several weeks she has published, and I’ve re-read her Triple Berry Kale Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette at least seven times since yesterday. At the very least.

I hope you get to check some of these out soon, as they’re all staples in my morning routine these days. Spend some time with them, get inspired, get smitten.

  1. Heffenista said:

    Thanks for the love! We’re huge fans of your site and all it’s deliciousness!

  2. Glad you’re digging Forest Feast. I thought you would!

  3. ptuorto said:

    Thanks for the shout out, stoked you’re digging the site!

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