Monday Link Love

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure?

A happy, jump around song to kick off your week

Good conversation asking Who’s to blame when your beer is bad?

I want to run away with this ice cream cake

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style. Oh how I wish I could go see this.

A data analysis of the elements of Danish rye bread

American craft beer exports!

I don’t normally link to articles like this, but this except at the end about the French really rang true “In the end, I must admit that my curiosity about old-world philandering is probably just a distortion of our abiding national obsession with the French capacity to get away with anything: Eat triple crème cheese without getting fat, have children without turning into insipid mommies, turn 50 without losing sexiness, cheat without feeling the pain.”

I’m surprised this hadn’t been done before now: a human Pantone series

Have you seen this blog, Dinner, a Love Story?

P.S. Want to know more about that awesome lamp and where you can get one? 


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