What should I drink? (Dogfish Head Festina Pèche)

Have you noticed that anytime anyone mentions a “fruit,” beer people around you fall all over themselves to be the first one to say “Ugh, I really do not like fruit beers. It’s just not what beer is supposed to taste like.” Like it’s an embarrassing thing to enjoy, and they need to make sure it’s clear they don’t approve.

How is it that we decide an entire style is bad based on one sub-par, syrupy beer we tried? Where is the line of what beer is “supposed” to taste like? Since when is liking fruit beer a bad thing?

My challenge for you, that if this is still your opinion and you’ve only tried one or two fruit beers, keep trying. Fruit beer is really hard to get right, but when it’s done well, heaven help you.

This Festina Pèche is my Summer 2012 beer, and definitively in my top 5 favorite beers now. It’s the closest thing I can get to a juicy, tart, and ripe Georgia peach without making a road trip to go pick one, and since we can’t get Dogfish Head in Indiana anymore (insert sad face), you can bet I’m willing to make the trip to Ohio for these.

Dogfish Head Festina Pèche

Dogfish Head – Maryland
Berliner Weisse (I still can’t help but think of this as a fruit beer…let’s not get into the style debate, it’s Friday, just enjoy the weekend and go try this beer)
Happy Times Liquor, Decatur, Georgia (yep, that’s the package store name)

  1. G-LO said:

    Ahhhh the eternal “Quit fruiting up my beer!” line that I hear from the unenlightened beer drinkers of the world. Thanks to you and my good friend and Craft Beer Mentor The Alemonger, I have ventured into the fruity beer arena on several occasions and have been quite pleased more often than not.

    I had the Festina Peche a couple years ago and was lukewarm about it. Thanks to all of the instagramming, untapping, twittering, and blogging that I monitor, the beer keeps popping up and I have since bought one bottle for Summer 2012. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to revisit it yet. But I will!

    As far as other Fruit Beers go, the Cherise and Ephemere were positively delightful! I venture to Maine for a family vacation this evening. I will keep on the lookout for other fruited stuff to explore (no Blueberry beer though. Dreadful!). Stay tuned!

    Happy Friday!

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      I’m so glad to hear you have a similar mindset, and have found fruit beers to enjoy. Have you ever had Magic Hat Wacko? I can’t find it anywhere here this summer, but it was my favorite for summer last year. It’s brewed with beets 🙂 So much better than that sounds.

      • G-LO said:

        Ahhhh Tbe Wacko! I had that awhile back at, yep, you guessed it, The Alemonger’s! I vaguely recall enjoying it. What I really liked was the #9. Refreshing! There must be something weirdly wonderful about beer and apricots, because the Ithaca Apricot Wheat and Dogfish Head Apri’Hops are pretty tasty as well. Fruit up my beer? Yes please!

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