Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’ve been spotty about posting lately, I know, but I think you’d be proud with what’s been occupying my time. School has started up, taking up time during the week as well as polo, and these weekends! These weekends! The weekends during this summer have been just incredible. Well here’s a look at the last few that have rocked my socks off.

Footage from the first cyclocross race of the season here in Yorktown. You’ll see me enjoying my very last Festina Peche in this one!

Fly like an eagle


Saturday I ran my very first 5K! My friends Julie and Casey also had never run a 5K, and the Color Me Rad race was the perfect one to start with. Well, just take a look.

The run was located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, and as soon as we arrived, waves of people dressed in white, neon socks, tutus (yes, tutus), bright headbands, and all kinds of other color were already there. Being the first time I’d run 3 miles since last year, I was a little nervous, but overall it was pretty easy. A lot of people and families were walking so the pace was reasonable, and color bombing stations were set up at every kilometer, offering an occasional break. It went by so quickly, but it was such a blast! I’m definitely going to be doing this or the Color Run again next year.

Best muffins for the best weekends


Here’s to hoping the following weekends are amazing and fun filled as the last several months. I can only assume, though, that with more cross races, farmers markets, apple cider, camping, and fall colors, that things are looking up. And who else is stoked about pumpkin beers?!