Monthly Archives: October 2012

To start off your week, here is the internet.

I started my Christmas list with the best moleskin ever

Branding the Presidents of the United States

The Plot to Destroy America’s Beer

Cutest bear introduction I’ve ever seen (read: only bear introduction I’ve ever seen)

Need a new blog to read? Check out Time’s 25 Best Blogs of 2012

Jaw drop of the week

Who wants to explain the moose on this candle for me?

Method’s Ocean Plastic line…pretty neat I must say

Are you a girl in a sea of dudes?

Did you see Obama get photo-bombed?


Think someone under the table

Oregon minor league baseball team finally has a beer-themed mascot. Welcome to the Hillsboro Hops

Andy Dwyer on running

The Squirrel Census is a real and beautiful thing

Time lapse of Endeavour’s trip through Los Angeles

Get ready to sing at the top of your lungs…Into the Wild (she also has a cover of Halo that I’m a little in love with)

Montmartre’s city vineyard

Victory Brewing is playing with some wine & bourbon barrels…drool

Action Philosophers! Je pense! Donc, je suis!

Who says no to Bad Girls Throughout History?

What ridiculous & gnarly tricks can you do with a $14,000  carbon bike?

For you Muncie: Our local paper, The Star Press briefly chats about my favorite bar in their section Talking Pints

After indulging in one too many bad tv shows on Netflix in the past few weeks, I’m taking up A Cup of Jo‘s no-tv challenge for a week. Has anyone else tried giving tv up? Tips? Tricks? Vices to get you through?

A visit from the green fairy at Booze Dancing: the first absinthe review I’ve ever read! Now onto trying the actual thing…

Bravo Indiana! Hoosier Beer Geek puts together a list of all our winners at the Great American Beer Festival

I know what I’m making for Thanksgiving…duh. How can I say no to cinnamon sugar anything?

I’m so late on this (like two years late), but if you’re a person, you should listen to Any Marina’s cover of Whatever You Like. It’s pretty, sexy, pretty, pretty pretty pretty.

I promise, pinky promise, that if you make this granola your house will smell all things fall