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Happy birthday to my brother!

Matthew is 22 today and still my favorite (and only) sibling. I’m proud to say we only ever got into one physical fight, that lasted all of 15 seconds, and that just about every memory of “growing up” has him in it. We’ve had all the standard road trip times, family vacations, playing outside, etc etc but my favorites have been as we’ve both grown older and developed our identities further. It’s pretty cool when you can start being friends as well as siblings.

New Year’s Eve in Paris 2007: Most everyone from ASP (the American School of Paris) went to the Long Hop for New Year’s, but unfortunately cabs were about 45 minutes apart and the metro stopped running by the time we left that evening. So Matthew, my friend Morgan, and I walked 4.5 miles home through the city at 3 am…Thankfully halfway through he let me use his shoes to walk home instead of my heels. Now that’s a good brother. (Can you believe I made it the first 3 miles in heels??)

P.S. My annual birthday playlist for him. It’s basically just a “here are several songs in no particular order that you should listen to”


Better book titles. YES. One of my favorites…”I’m on a Boat” by Mark Twain

This place sounds amazing. And Teo Musso sounds like one swell man.

Britain’s longest-serving blacksmith…”I shall live tired, but I shant retire”

Following the above…You have got to bookmark this and watch these shorts about obsolete occupations

I’m dizzy just looking at these bourbon baked apples

Love these Beertography photographs

The Little Black Jacket

Of course Salvador Dali went on a walk with an ant-eater

Smitten Kitchen on NPR! Squee!!

Did you know people put oil in their pasta water? What?