Drink this! Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

Have you guys heard the good news?

The Bake & Brew is moving to St. Louis!

Things have been happening lately. Lots of great and amazing things. One of these is that I was fortunate enough (after a lot of hard work and dedication) to find a fantastic new job that I am so stoked about, which is taking me to St. Louis for the next year. I cannot express how incredibly excited I am.

I want to get back to the beer for a little bit here on the blog, partly because I miss writing here a lot and partly because I am anticipating all the amazing beer I’m going to try in St. Louis over the next year. So if you, or anyone you know is in the city, get at me. (@thebakeandbrew on Twitter) I’m incredibly thrilled about meeting new people and drinking new beer.

Let’s get to it!

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale
Terrapin Beer Company
Athens, Georgia
American Pale Ale
5.3% ABV

All in all…
Pleasant. Today is the FIRST HOCKEY GAME SINCE FOREVER that I’ve been able to watch (I’m looking at you Gary Bettman), and I wanted a laid-back, pleasant beer. I didn’t want anything heavy or dark, or too hoppy on the other hand. I was bracing myself for something that was far too hoppy, but I was pleasantly surprised. This pale ale has just enough hops to give it a slightly biting flavor, but not too many that it’s overpowering. Well done fellows. This is a good balanced pale ale. And it smells delightful.

Recommend to a friend?
Yes, I really would.

Lightweight safe?
At 5.3% ABV it’s lightweight safe.

Plus one?
Mos def. You bet I’ll be having a second one in the next period of this Blackhawks game.

Six pack?
Yes, this one would be great to have in your refrigerator as a six pack. I don’t think I would get tired of this having it several nights in a row.

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  1. G-LO said:

    Congrats on the new job and the move to St. Louis! With regards to this beer, I’m not sure if I’ve had this one. Since I like a good Rye beer (and a good Rye Whisky), I suspect that I would like this one. Have you had their Rye Squared? Quite fantastic, but definitely not a lightweight.



    If you need St. Louis advice, check out tdylf.com. John is a beer and film lover AND he lives in St. Louis. I’m sure he can point you in the direction of all that is good there.

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