Drink this: Odell 90 Shilling Ale


All in all…
Let’s start out slow. Buy a six pack of this and drink this hearty Amber as an after work beer while cooking yourself up a rich dinner. Order one if you’re at a cool restaurant with an outdoor patio. Drink up and enjoy the hell out of your summer.

Recommend to a friend?
I liked it, and I think you will too.

Yes – 5.3%

Plus one?
Been there, done that. Long day at work.

Get a six pack?
Yep, and I’ll be getting another one at my next trip to the grocery store.

The Hops
Odell Brewing Company – Fort Collins, CO
Amber Ale
5.3% ABV

*Picture taken with the new Minolta X-370 I told you about the other day. I’m still stoked.

1 comment
  1. The Wookie said:

    Love this beer and all the stuff from Odell. Just wish we could get it in my area. I have to wait each year to enjoy during my annual trip to Vail.

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