summer in the city


Finally. There are clouds covering the sky and it is 77 here in the St. Louis area. 77! Mornings have been starting out at over 85 and reaching into the mid 90s with a heat index of 100 lately. Apparently there is a heat wave going across the country, but it sure feels like it’s all just settling around us. Though I’ve had experience with Georgia summers, Georgia has nothing on this. The humidity everysingleday bogs you down, clouds your head, fills your lungs with heavy air, and inspires you to hole up inside with the A/C blasting and a popsicle in your hand. Today we have relief. Thank the heavens there is a day of relief.

I’ve been going into the city more frequently, which has been a breath of fresh air and a reminder of living right in Paris way back when. Maybe part of this is that the bookstore I’ve frequented is called Left Bank Books. Yes, that definitely may have something to do with it. This city has so much character and so much history. Forest Park is beautiful, has plays on the weekends, an outdoor opera, and is teeming with families, joggers, cyclists, and people fishing from the dock. There are old, majestic neighborhoods with old trees lining the streets that give some relief on those stifling days. Cities have a life of their own, and it makes you feel incredibly special when you get to be a small part of its history. I feel the same way when I visit my mother’s hometown in south Georgia, or when I was in North Carolina, or when I was in Wyoming. When I’m in those places, and know all my ancestors that were there before me (born there in that house, sitting in this pew at church, fishing on this river here), or that these mountains have been here for an era – I’m a small part of something much bigger than myself. I get to be part of its history and its story.

But even outside of that, aside from all the reflection on what a city means yadayada…here’s how I spent my last weekend (outside of baking)

Gringo (photo above)
The first thing I noticed about Gringo was the beautiful cyan color they used in the restaurant. I wish I’d had color film in camera, but if you go to their website you’ll get a good sense of how the place is decorated. The entire restaurant pops out when you’re on the street, which is pretty much the sole reason we walked in. I didn’t care what they were serving, it was hot, humid, and it looked perfectly blue and chilled inside. Anyways, the tacos were great (Al Pastor, Grilled Fish, and Wild Caught Shrimp), the beer was great, and why did I not realize they had popsicles. I need to get back there ASAP.

Left Bank Books

Left Bank Books 
I took a trip to Left Bank Books after work one day a few weeks as it was included in a list of bookstores recommended to me a while back. Last trip I found a very very small (itty bitty) copy of Song of Myself, as well as a beautiful copy of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. I had to go back last weekend to get a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, so I could finish what I started in Wyoming. I’m trying to stop acquiring books after that last move, but when I do I’ll be going back there.

Fountain Service

hold me closer tiny dancerThe Fountain on Locust
Based on another recommendation from friend who used to live in St. Louis, my friend and I went over to The Fountain last Sunday for Sunday dessert. And boy did they serve up some ice cream. If you go, bring a friend and split whatever you want to order. Or order the smallest ice cream cone in the world. (No really, they have one) The ice cream is incredible, but I don’t know how anyone ever manages to finish one of their sundaes. (Enormous I tell you. Gigantic) The place is beautiful, and was yet another place with inspired coloring and decoration.

In other news, did you know that ocean waves help create clouds? How beautiful is life? Here’s to another beautiful weekend.

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  1. We’re still thinking about moving back, if I ever finish school… And reading this reminded me of so many things we love. So glad you’re enjoying the city, and I’m adding The Fountain to our “next time” list!

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