drink this! (obviously) bell’s two hearted ale

Bell's Two Hearted

There’s this thing about Indiana in the summer, and about Muncie in the summer. All the students disappear for the summer, and this town is yours. Everyone emerges after surviving tragically long Indiana winters and we’re alive. Everyone hangs out together, and we’re all friends. Last summer was another summer filled with perfect weekends and magical days – I went to the pool with my girlfriends every week, we dipped our feet in the blue water, we went to bike races, we played bike polo. We drank beer, and we smiled for days. If it’s summertime in Indiana, then everything’s alright.

All in all…
Just like Indiana summers this beer is magical. I’ve been burnt out on hops for such a long time, but as soon as I had a taste as I was walking out onto my deck last week, I felt relief. One -because this is so so delicious. And two – I haven’t had a Two Hearted since January. UNACCEPTABLE.

Recommend to a friend?
I wholeheartedly want everyone to try this

Hahahaha– 7.0%

Plus one?
If I’m feeling brave about my stomach the next morning

Get a six pack?
Yes, to be enjoyed and savored slowly

The Hops
Bell’s Brewing Company – Kalamazoo, MI
India Pale Ale

Bell's Two Hearted

*Pictures taken with the Minolta X-370 & Kodak Black & White film.

  1. Btown is best in summer as well. Loving the photos, Rebs, and I love this beer. One of my top 5 favorites of all time–tied somewhere near Alpha King. ALSO: Have you had Schlafly’s Golden Ale? We were in STL yesterday, and I got COMPLETELY hooked on it after having it with a friend & then again at Bottleworks. We brought home a few six-packs, because it is hands-down the best Belgian I’ve had by an American brewery.

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I’ve fallen in love with this camera and getting to experiment with film.

      I have not had the Golden Ale, but since you recommended it I’ll pick some up soon. My favorite this summer has been their Summer Lager – so unassuming, but so so satisfying. You aren’t still in St. Louis are you?


  2. No, we just came in Monday night. Joe had a poetry reading on Tuesday, then we headed out that night. We’ll be back in August for a wedding & hopefully one or two times in the fall, though 🙂

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